What People Are Saying About Jack's Keynote Speeches

"Jack has the ability to capture an audience while speaking from the heart with compassion and understanding. He knows the pain firsthand and understands the depths that the disease of addiction has brought so many to. He’s able to answer the tough questions that most are afraid to ask. Through Sharp Needle, Jack Kelly has told the story that too many families are living today." - Elaine Donovan, Community Activist, Charlestown, MA

What Readers Are Saying About Jack's Book, Sharp Needle

 “Unlike other memoirs I’ve read the author doesn’t glorify his addiction or his recovery. The vulnerability of the writing amazed me. Would definitely recommend!” - Amazon reader

  “I loved the brutal, raw honesty.” - Amazon reader

 “An honest and gripping book on the power of addiction. Couldn’t put it down. This book will resonate with anyone: even those not directly affected by addiction, and should be a required read for those in high school.” - Amazon reader

 “This book was a page turner. What a story to go from heroin to running for political office. I hope this helps others out. I highly recommend it.” - Amazon reader

 “Amazingly honest. Jack Kelly lets you into his life of despair, hope, love, and recovery. This book makes you cry and laugh and realize that there is always hope.” - Amazon reader